Beavers are a nuisance animal mostly in areas with bodies of water — they don't typically get into homes.  Their damage is primarily to landscapes like riverbeds and lakesides. If you discover beaver damage in your property, call Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth at 817.857.4803 to help relocate beavers and repair any damages caused by these flat-tailed critters.

Common Beaver Problems

  • Felled trees that affect river currents
    • Beavers will create a dam out of any material they can find. They may the rocks or sod from your Fort Worth home to make their dam just right. 
  • Flooding
    • Flooding poses a great risk to your yard and the foundation of your home. There may be damage to the base of your home, driveway, or other buildings. 
  • Tree Gnawing
    • Beavers can chew through the bark of the trees in your yard, which can kill the trees. If there are any leaves on the trees, they will eat those as well, causing additional damage. The trees could then fall on your home or property, creating even more damage. 

Why Is Beaver Removal Important?

What seems like inconsequential beaver damage can end up being more costly than anticipated. Flooding can deteriorate your home's foundation as well as cause water damage, so while beavers are not directly responsible for the damage, their behavior is destructive to the landscape and a wildlife company should relocate them.

Diseases From Beavers

Beavers can spread many diseases, which is a danger to you and your family. Common diseases that may be caused by beavers include:

  • Leptospirosis
  • Tularemia
  • Giardiasis

These diseases can be spread through bites and scratches which can also pose a threat to your family pet. 

How To Remove Beavers From Your Fort Worth Yard

Because beavers can spread diseases, it's important to have a professional take care of the beaver in your yard. In most residential yards, we can safely and humanely trap and remove the beaver that is causing problems. We have the skills and expertise to remove beavers in any situation, no matter how tricky. If you have a beaver dam on your property, we can remove the beaver from the dam and bring your yard back to normal. 

How To Prevent Beavers In Your Fort Worth Yard

Because beavers are attracted to water, the best prevention methods involve screening off entry points to the water. This may include screening culverts and drain pipes. Because it's not realistic to fence an entire lake, we try to protect as much of the vulnerable sections as we can. This may include wrapping trees and fencing off other vulnerable areas. 

Call Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth at 817.857.4803

If you aren’t looking forward to the damage that beavers will cause, make sure to give us a call. We’ll clear out these pests and will do all the necessary repairs so that your life can go back to normal in no time!