Infamous for their unique defense mechanism, skunks are one smelly creature. This unique critter releases a scent to ward off predators and stay safe, and it not only smells offensive but can blind predators (or you, if you startle it) from up to 10 feet away. It's important not to approach skunks if you see them tearing up your garden and surrounding landscape because they can scratch or spray you. Call Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth at 817.857.4803 today to get your skunk problem under control.

Common Skunk Problems

Skunks may be cute and seem a little dopey, but they can still pose a threat to homeowners.

  • Scavenging for food in city and country areas
  • Secreting their stench
  • Ripping up landscapes to find food, which damages flower bulbs and other plants

Is Skunk Removal Really Necessary?

Skunk spray can blind whoever it hits, especially at a short distance, so it is very important to deal with skunks as soon as the problem arises. Skunks can damage landscapes and cause costly damage, so call Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth at 817.857.4803 today for help with the skunk removal process! 

Damages Skunks Can Do to Your Home and Property

Destroying Your Garden

Skunks are notorious for destroying people’s gardens. In fact, a ruined garden can be one of the first signs of a skunk infestation. But how much damage can a few skunks really do to your garden? It turns out that the answer is a lot. Your crops are the first things to be ruined. The skunks will chew through your plants like they’re nothing. Before you know it, the garden you spent so much time on is ruined. That’s because skunks are herbivores, and fruits and vegetables make up their entire diet. As a result, they have a hard time resisting the buffet of fresh food you’ve left out for them.

Digging Around Your Home

The sudden appearance of holes is another sign of a skunk infestation. It may not seem that bad at first. After all, they’re just minding their own business. Yet the more you wait, the worse things become. First, your garden will be turned into Swiss cheese. You’ll see holes popping up everywhere. Your beautiful garden will slowly resemble a minefield. Finally, they’ll dig under your home. Without any dirt to support the house, it will lose its structural integrity. Before you know it, everything will come crashing down. While that may be a slight exaggeration, it’s still pretty close to the truth. Skunks are known to dig through 700 pounds of dirt for a single den, but you’ll often find a handful of these burrows near your home. Without all that dirt, you will see things start to sink, and your home will lose a lot of its support.

Gnawing Important Items

While digging causes most of the damage, there are a few things skunks do to make your life just a little bit harder. For example, they can destroy underground wires. These animals will have access to all the underground electric cables leading to your home. When they chew and scratch here and there, they will mess with your electricity and could even result in a blackout. The skunk’s chewing could also help ruin your home’s structural integrity. By digging tunnels, they gain access to your foundation and can cause thousands of dollar worth of damage.

Call Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth at 817.857.4803

If you aren’t looking forward to the damage that skunks will cause, make sure to give us a call. We’ll clear out these pests and will do all the necessary repairs so that your life can go back to normal in no time!