Many snakes are actually harmless, but you'd be wise to avoid interaction with any snakes in the area in case they are venomous. Unfortunately, Fort Worth is home to a number of venomous snakes. Snakes are drawn to warm areas, and the hot and sunny weather in Texas is an ideal climate for these slithering critters. So whether you notice just one snake crushing your garden plants or a den of snakes under your porch, please do not approach them! Call Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth today to get rid of snakes. 

Snake Problems in Fort Worth

The presence of snakes is extremely unsettling for many people in the Fort Worth area, and many people in general. Even if a snake is not bothering you or your pets, it can still present a hazard if you stumble upon it and frighten it. Did you know many venomous species' pupils are elongated circles rather than normal circles? Tip: if you are close enough to see a snake's pupils, please be very careful! Many people recognize rattlesnakes because of their unique warning sign—the rattle on the end of their tail. All snakes can disrupt homeowners' routines and/or cause damage, however, including:

  • Curling up in warm spots on patios or porches, to regulate their body heat
  • Hiding beneath overgrown shrubbery

Are Snakes Really Dangerous?

As mentioned earlier, snakes are not inherently dangerous, but you still don't want them on your property. We can keep snakes out! Call 817.857.4803 to speak with a trained professional from Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth today!

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Nathan has done an amazing job with my weather stripping troubles! He was extremely helpful and professional. He fixed the horrible job that was done before by another company!
Mary C., North Richland Hills, TX
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