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Cleaning Up Wildlife Feces in Fort Worth

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Although these wild animals can be a delight to watch in their natural habitats, it's hard to deal with the aftermath of their presence on your property.  Their feces and urine can leave a trail of parasites and diseases in their wake, and these can all be potentially deadly to human and pet health.

Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth is equipped and ready to remove any health hazard from your home by methods of sanitization. Call us today for more information on our sanitation and waste removal services.

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Need to get rid of raccoons? Our wildlife removal specialists will remove raccoons from your home and give advice on the best ways to deter them with repellents and other preventative methods.

Have mice or rat problems? Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth specializes in rat and mouse removal, repellents and deterrents. We can also assist with sanitation and waste removal from a mouse infestation, including attic insulation and restoration. Learn more about mouse traps, glue boards, rat poison and other methods by calling us today!

Need to know how to eradicate squirrelsThe team at Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth have methods to effectively trap and remove squirrels, create exclusion solutions, repel and prevent future squirrel issues.

Opossum lurking? These gentle creatures often trespass into garages and yards. Please call Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth for assistance in getting rid of opossum and deter them from coming back.

Wildlife Sanitization and Why You Should Get It

After spending days, weeks, or even months with an animal in your home, you call a wildlife control company to remove the pest. You have to wait a while until the company comes, and you’ll have to wait even longer until the animal is removed. After all of that waiting, the animal is gone and you let out a sigh of relief. All your struggles have come to an end. If only that were true.

What Happens Once the Wildlife Is Gone

Many think that their problems are over once the animal is gone. After all, the animal can’t hurt you or destroy your home anymore. You no longer have to worry about sharp claws and pointy teeth.

Yet there’s a greater threat still lurking in your home, invisible to the human eye, and deadly in its effects. The animal may be gone, but the places it’s touched and the waste it’s left behind still carry several diseases.

Some of these diseases are transferred after accidentally eating an animal’s waste. Salmonella, for example, leads to stomach cramps and diarrhea after ingesting rat feces. This usually happens after touching an infected area before eating.

Other diseases can infect you even if you’re just standing near the feces. Histoplasmosis, for example, is a deadly disease that’s caused by fungus. This fungus is notorious for growing on bat droppings. When disturbed, bat droppings turn into dust and take the disease with them. This means that you can inhale the deadly fungus without realizing it. As a result, the fungus gets into your lungs and wreaks havoc. Before you know it, you’ll be out of breath, coughing up blood, and could even die.

The animal’s waste does more than just spread disease. The urine and feces will start to stink up your home. You’re powerless because it’s been absorbed by the floorboards and walls. You’ll have no choice but to wait the smell out because regular disinfectants aren’t going to be effective.

Finally, you’ll have to worry about the stains. The floorboards and walls that have absorbed the waste will start to change in color. They’ll be marked with yellow or brown stains. Before you know it, your home will lose its initial beauty.

Where We Come In

And that’s why we offer sanitization services. Not only will we remove the animal, but we’ll make sure you won’t deal with all the problems that come afterward. Your home will be vacuumed and cleaned. If the droppings and waste are too big for the vacuum, they’ll be removed by hand. Yet that’s just the start. We’ll carefully go over your entire home, and will use a special disinfectant that will get rid of any waste too small to be seen. It can even get inside your floorboards and walls to remove anything absorbed by them.

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