Rodents in Commercial Spaces

Rodents in Commercial Spaces: Challenges and Solutions for Business Owners

Rodents in commercial spaces can pose significant challenges for business owners. They can damage property, contaminate food and products, spread diseases, and create an unpleasant environment for customers and employees. If you have rodents in your commercial space here are some solutions, along with possible challenges you might face:


1. Identify Entry Points

Rodents can enter commercial spaces through small openings, it’s important to conduct regular inspections to identify any possible gaps, cracks, or holes in walls, floors, and ceilings. Another helpful solution is to install rodent prevention products like door sweeps, screens, and air curtains.

Challenge: It can be difficult to identify rodent entry points because of how small they can be. Rodents, specifically mice, can fit into a hole the size of a quarter.


2. Keep Your Commercial Space Clean and Sanitized

Rodents are attracted to dirty and unkempt places. It is important to establish strict cleanliness protocols, including regular cleaning and removal of food waste and debris. Rodents will help themselves to any available food, so make sure to store all food and products in rodent-proof containers.

Challenge: All it takes is one time of not properly removing waste or leaving food out for a rodent to find its way into your commercial space.


3. Safely and Humanely Trap and Remove Rodents

If you find live rodents in your commercial space, use humane trapping methods to capture and remove them from your premises. The best way to remove rodents safely and easily is by calling the professionals at Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth. Our experts use customized trapping and removal strategies based on the specific needs of your business.

Challenge: Once rodents have infested a commercial space, capturing, and removing them can be challenging. Rodents are smart animals that are capable of outsmarting basic traps.


4. Monitoring Rodent Control

Regularly monitor your commercial space for rodent activity. It can be helpful to install surveillance cameras and motion sensors in critical areas where rodents are likely to be present. These systems can help by triggering if a rodent runs by allowing for prompt action to be taken.

Challenge: Rodents can be elusive and difficult to detect, especially in large commercial spaces with many possible locations.


5. Perform Regular Maintenance

Regularly inspect and maintain your building’s exterior and interior. This can include replacing damaged roof tiles, gutters, and clogged drainage systems. Repair any leaks or water sources that may attract rodents. Trim trees and bushes near the building to minimize a rodent's potential access points.

Challenge: Neglecting routine maintenance creates favorable conditions for rodent infestations. Although you may be busy with many other tasks, it’s important to not skimp on the basics.


A rodent infestation in your commercial space can be a challenge to manage, but the professionals at Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth have your back. We will provide tailored solutions that address the specific challenges faced by your commercial space. Contact us today!