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Raccoons trampling around in your attic? Maybe rats have made themselves at home in your kitchen or squirrels are chewing on your roof.

Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth knows that to thoroughly and permanently get rid of animals can be an expensive and long process.

Trust the team at Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth to get your wildlife problem animals out and make sure they stay out.


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Signs of an Intruder 

  • Unusual/Strange Noises 
  • Droppings 
  • Unexplainable Odor 
  • Odd Pet Behavior 
  • Destruction 


Need to Get Rid of Raccoons?

Our wildlife removal specialists will remove raccoons from your home and give advice on the best ways to deter them with repellents and other preventative methods. After we have taken care of the problem we will make sure they dont come back.

Have Mice or Rat Problems?

Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth has experts in rat or mice removal and control. The messes rodents make are no joke. These small creatures can create big messes in attic insulation, walls, crawlspaces, etc. Luckily, our attic restoration crew can handle even the largest rodent messes. Call our office today if you've been infested with mice or rats.

In Need of Squirrel Repellent?

If you have squirrels in you know it. Squirrels in the walls and attic can be frustrating; you can hear them but can't see them. While scampering through your walls, squirrels can chew on wires which creates an entirely different set of issues. When you've got squirrels in the home, it's important to call Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth.

Opossum Under the Porch or in the Garage?

These gentle creatures often trespass into garages and yards but still can cause problems. Oppossums are usually atrracted to easly accessible trash cans or pet food, so make sure to keep your property clean to avoid these pests. Please call Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth for assistance in getting rid of opossums and keeping them out.

Bats in The Attic?

The easiest way to tell if there are bats in your attic is to see them enntering or exiting your home. The most optimal time to spot them is at night when they are going out to get food. If you suspect you have this animal in your home call immediately. When bats roost they come in colonies, which means their guano(droppings) builds up a lot and cause structural damage to your home, and even worse it has been known to cause lung related illness. 

Skunks in The Garden?

Skunks are known for their unique self-defense mechanism, which is an odorific spray they use to warn off potential preators. However, while this might not sound all that bad their spray is known to make people blind. You can find this animal digging through your garden or other landscapes in search of food, but whatever you do call Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth first to avoid any harm.

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