Rodents in the Kitchen

Rodents in the Kitchen? How to Keep Your Food Safe from Rodent Contamination

Finding a rodent or rodent droppings in your kitchen is a common problem for many Ft. Worth residents. Not only is it alarming to find a rodent or rodent droppings in your home, but it also raises serious health concerns. Rodents are unhygienic animals that can spread dangerous diseases through contact with surfaces or left behind in their droppings. In order to keep a clean and healthy environment, it is important to keep your food safe and free from contamination with a rodent-free kitchen. 

Here are some tips to keep rodents out of your kitchen: 

Seal Entry Points 

Inspect your kitchen for any holes or cracks in floorboards, around door frames, in pantries and cabinets, and in corners that rodents could use to enter. Also look for gaps around pipes, cables, and vents. If you find any gaps, holes, or crack seal them using caulk, steel wool, or other professional sealant materials. 

Store Food Properly 

Rodents love kitchens because they offer easily accessible food sources. Rodents are able to chew through cardboard boxes and other paper containers, so it is important to store food in airtight containers made of glass, metal, or hard plastic. This should also apply to pet food. Rodents love pet food. Ensure to clean up any split pet food and don’t leave their food bowls out overnight. Store pet good in sealed containers. 

Secure Trash Bins 

Another thing rodents love is trash. Your leftovers can be their next 5-couse meal. It is important to use tightly sealed and covered trash bins. Check that the lid fits securely and empty the trash regularly. Clean your trash bin regularly and avoid leaving bags of trash sitting for long periods of time. 

Reduce Clutter & Clean Regularly 

Cleaning your kitchen regularly and free of food debris will help keep rodents out. Good habits include wiping down countertops, sweeping the floors, cleaning up spills, and cleaning kitchen appliances regularly. Rodents are able to easily hide in messy and cluttered areas, so cleaning and decluttering often will help prevent them from making their home in your kitchen. 

Most of the time finding rodents in your kitchen is unexpected and unpredictable. Our wildlife experts at Wildlife X Team are ready to help solve your rodent problems whenever they arise! We are only a call away! Contact us today!