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Animal Damage Control

So your dangerous wildlife animal has been removed—now what? The trouble doesn't always stop there. You need to consider how to repair the damage it's caused.

You're in the right place! Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth can:

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Need to Fix Raccoon Damage?

Perhaps the ring-tailed creatures have nested in your attic. Don't panic—our wildlife removal specialists can not only remove raccoons from your home but clean up raccoon damage, prevent future raccoon damage and give you the best practices moving forward to discourage raccoons from coming back.

A common problem that raccoons leave behind is their latrine. When raccoons leave feces, they do so in one large pile that they add to time after time. This is not only difficult to clean without the proper tools, it is also dangerous. The latrine soils the area around it and can seep into the ceiling of your main living area. 

If you have baby raccoons residing in your home, we will safely remove them, since this can be a delicate situation. If baby raccoons aren't removed properly, the mother will create damage trying to get back to the babies. 

Dealing with the Fallout of Mice or Rats? 

Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth focuses heavily on rat and mouse control, removal, deterrents, and prevention—and rodent damage cleanup. Our team can help with sanitizing and removing rodent feces and cleaning rodent urine stains in your attic. Learn more about our mouse removal methods, like glue traps, poison, and more by giving us a call today at 817.857.4803!

Cleaning up after Squirrels?

The team at Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth has methods to effectively trap and get rid of squirrels, exclude them from your Fort Worth property and home, and repel and prevent potential future squirrel issues.

We will also clean any squirrel feces left behind to keep your home healthy.

Have Opossums Been in Your Attic?

These marsupials often sneak into yards and get into garages while looking for food and/or nesting spots. Contact Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth today for help getting rid of opossums in the attic and cleaning up opossum damage. 

Insulation Restoration

If you've had rodents, raccoons, bats, or other animals in your attic, you insulation may need replacing. Rodents will tunnel through insulation and leave uring and droppings along the way which soils the insulation and leaves it ineffective. Larger animals and bats will leave their droppings on top of the insulation in piles, which seeps into the insulation. This can soil sections of insulation. Other times, these animals will tear up your insulation to use as their bedding. If the insulation is no longer intact, it will not provide the efficiency that it's supposed to. 

If your insulation has been damaged or destroyed, Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth can repair or replace it. To schedule a quote, call our office today: 817.857.4803

Chimney Repair

If animals have been living in your chimney, there could be damages that need repair. A common problem is the mortar could be picked apart by critters, which is dangerous to the long-term structural integrity of your chimney. The cap or screen could be torn off or missing, which leaves your chimney suseptible to additional critters. There could also be droppings left behind inside, which is bad for your health. 

If you suspect you need chimney repair, the experts at Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth can get things cleaned up and back in top shape. Give us a call today to have your chimney evaluated. 817.857.4803