Insulation Removal and Replacement

Attic Insulation Installation in Fort Worth

When rodents, raccoons, bats, or other animals make their home in your attic, they cause quite a lot of damage. Even after the animal is removed, you’re likely left with damage to your insulation. Rodents will make tunnels in your insulation as it is nice and cozy for them. Along the way, they will leave their droppings, soiling the insulation. Soiled insulation is not only ineffective, but it is also dangerous. Animal dropping carry diseases.

The team at Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth can help get rid of your ineffective and damaged insulation. Our equipment is specialized and will allow us to easily remove tainted insulation. We'll also work closely with the majority of insurance companies to quickly restore your attic.

An adequate amount of insulation will be an investment for your home, increasing the insulation's ability to keep your home cooled or heated as best as it can. Insulating an attic is easy with Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth—learn more about the process below and call today!

What's the Best Way to Restore an Attic?

  1. The first step to restoring an attic is making sure that all the animals have been removed
  2. Next is the clean-up—getting rid of the animal carcasses and cleaning up the animal feces is integral before replacing insulation. 
  3. Removing insects is next. Live and dead animals both will draw in secondary pests like fleas and ticks, so it's important to make sure they're removed from your attic.
  4. Deodorizing and sanitizing is a vital step in returning your attic to a healthy state for your family. The animal's feces and carcass will have left a horrible odor that is likely lingering in your attic.
  5. Finally, after extensive attic preparation, it'll be time to place the insulation.

How to Remove Old Attic Insulation

Removing old attic insulation can be a dangerous process that you do not want to attempt without a professional. When the team at Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth removes your old insulation, we will have the proper protective equipment for your home. This keeps the contaminated insulation from spreading into the rest of your home.

After we safely remove the old insulation, we use special odor neutralizers and cleaners to ensure any remaining bacteria, diseases, and odors are properly removed. This prepares your home for the new insulation.

What diseases could be in my insulation?

Droppings from the animals in your attic may carry diseases. Common wildlife diseases that may be in your attic include hantavirus, salmonellosis, roundworm, e-coli, and baylisascaris. To ensure these diseases aren't spread throughout your Fort Worth home, contact the team at Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth to properly clean and disinfect your attic. 

Benefits of Attic Restoration

Energy Efficiency

When you replace your insulation or add to what you already have, you’re increasing the energy efficiency of your Fort Worth home. Your home will be able to better keep the heat out during the warmest months. This will reduce your cooling bill, saving you money over the long term!

Potential Increased Home Value

Your property value may increase when you replace your insulation. If it does, this could get you more money when you sell your home. If you decided to take a line of credit out on your home in the future, it could help increase that amount.

Peace of Mind

Knowing your insulation is clean from animal droppings and diseases and is keeping your home insulated properly gives you peace of mind. Knowing things are in working order and are safe for your family is invaluable.

Attic insulation for your Fort Worth home keeps it safe and energy efficient. Contact the attic insulation specialists at Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth to get started today!