Roof Repair: Soffit, Eave, and Fascia

Fixing Roof Damage in Fort Worth

Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth Fixing Roof DamageSoffits, eaves, and fascias on your home's roof can be attractive to animals looking for an easy meal or access to your home. Squirrels and birds are particularly attracted to worn soffits, due to their soft and rotting wood, allowing them to easily chew and peck to build nests and search for food. Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth has the proper tools, materials, and experience to repair your damaged soffit and help keep animals from taking advantage of your home. Call today! 817.857.4803 

Which Animals Are Likely to Damage Your Roof?

Animals will take advantage of structurally unsound or damaged roofs quickly and with fervor. Learn more below about which types of animals may take advantage of your roof and what type of damage they can cause.

Raccoon Roof Damage

Raccoons are widely regarded as the most problematic animal on your roof. The main issue when it comes to raccoons causing damage to your roof occurs when they're looking for a place to nest. Female raccoons will take advantage of weakened spots in your roof to find a warm and dry nesting spot in your attic. They're also known to rip shingles off. Some common spots raccoons will damage on your roof include eaves, fascia boards, and ripped soffits. Once they get inside, raccoons begin causing damage to your attic immediately.

Squirrels Damaging Your Roof

Though they're smaller than raccoons, squirrels can also cause an issue on your roof. Their constantly-growing teeth are convenient tools to use for entering your home through your roof. Like raccoons, squirrels can also peel up shingles and tear holes in your fascia or eaves. Squirrels are also notorious for chewing electrical wiring, which is a big issue for the safety of your home.

What Else Can Damage My Roof?

Due to the nature of its location, your roof is also succeptible to the elements. Improperly installed gutters can lead to a build-up of water, degrading the materials with which your roof is constructed. 

Keeping your roof's individual elements well-maintained is a good way to keep animals from getting into your home through your roof, so be sure to call Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth to help repair these elements as soon as you notice an issue!