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Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth also offers long-term wildlife prevention to not only get rid of your wildlife problems, but keep them from returning. 

Not only do these wildlife animals cause a health hazard, but they can be responsible for many costly damages in homes. Performing exclusion methods can all greatly reduce the chances that an animal will make its way into your home.

  • Sealing vents with screens
  • Addressing foundation holes
  • Installing chimney caps

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Need to get rid of raccoons? Our wildlife removal specialists will remove raccoons from your home and give advice on the best ways to deter them with repellents and other preventative methods.

Have mice or rat problems? Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth specializes in rat and mouse removal, repellents, and deterrents. We can also assist with sanitation and waste removal from a mouse infestation, including attic insulation and restoration. Learn more about mouse traps, glue boards, rat poison, and other methods by calling us today!

Need to know how to eradicate squirrels? The team at Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth have methods to effectively trap and remove squirrels, create exclusion solutions, repel and prevent future squirrel issues.

Opossum lurking? These gentle creatures often trespass into garages and yards. Please call Wildlife X Team for assistance in getting rid of opossums and deterring them from coming back.

The Importance of Wildlife Exclusion and How it will Solve your Critter Problems for Good

When an animal is in your home, your mind is focused on just one thing; getting rid of the animal. Whether you try to scare it off, trap it, or use repellents, you’re just focused on getting rid of the animal for now. You’re focused on the current problem, so you might not think about long-term wildlife problems.

Why Exclusion?

The problem with focusing on the present is that it doesn’t solve anything. Not permanently at least.

Sure, the animal is gone, but it will always find its way back into your home. If it doesn’t, another animal will. So by only focusing on the animal, you may buy yourself some temporary relief, but you’re sure to have to deal with the problem again in the future. Why is that? Because you didn’t solve the real problem. It turns out that an animal infestation is usually a symptom of a much larger problem. This could be something that’s wrong with your home. Or it might result from some common practices that lure animals.

That’s why we put our effort into fixing any problems with your home and help you develop good practices to keep animals out of your home.

How’s It Done?

To properly do exclusion, it’s important to fully investigate your home. You should check every inch, and keep an eye out for any holes, cracks, or other signs of damage.

Once you’ve found all the entry points these pests can use, you should work to seal them up. Any holes in your walls should be sealed up with the appropriate material. If the hole is particularly large, the surrounding bricks might also need to be replaced.

It’s quite common for roofs to be damaged as well, so the underlying wood will need to be replaced, as will any damaged shingles.

Chimneys are another big problem. It’s important that your home have a chimney cap that keeps the animals out. Sometimes, however, the problem has to do with chimney damage. In which case, we’ll be sure to fix it right up for you.

Then you’ll have to deal with vents. They need to be properly covered. Some mesh wiring around them could also be of use.

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Not only can we remove the animal, but we also perform wildlife exclusion. We’ll repair your home, and we’ll make sure wildlife never bothers you again. Contact us now to book our services!