Bird Removal & Building Maintenance

Bird Removal & Building Maintenance: Preventing Structural Damage 

Building exteriors and roofs can look like an attractive nesting site from a bird’s eye view above. Birds see these places as an attractive spot to land for several reasons, including shelter, protection, elevated vantage points, and access to food and water they offer.  

Once a bird inhabits a building as its home their actions and behaviors can cause serious structural damage. It is important to properly remove birds to ensure that your building stays maintained and in its best shape. 

Here are some potential issues that unmanaged birds can cause to buildings: 

Nesting and Roosting 

Birds may build nests in the nooks and crannies of a building, including on the roof, in the chimney, or in vents. Over time, these nests can accumulate debris, feathers, and droppings, leading to clogged drainage systems and ventilation problems. Nests may also block gutters, causing water to overflow and damage the building’s exterior. 


Bird droppings are acidic and can corrode building materials over time. If left uncleaned, the droppings can degrade roofing materials, metal surfaces, paint, stone, and masonry. This will weaken the structural integrity of the building which can be costly to repair or replace. 

Blocked Ventilation Systems

Birds will often see exhaust vents, HVAC units, or other ventilation systems as ideal spots for nesting. A nest can block airflow, impair the system’s efficiency, and cause overheating or inadequate ventilation within the building—all expensive things to repair from damage. 

Damage & Erosion to Exterior Finishes 

Birds may peck at or scratch building exteriors— have you ever heard a woodpecker on a wood-sided building? It’s not a good sound. Birds may also perceive their own reflection as a possible threat on glass building windows or siding prompting defensive behaviors. Over time, damages to windows, glass panels, and exterior finishes can occur compromising the building's structural integrity and aesthetics. Bird species, such as pigeons and seagulls may pick away at exterior materials in search of insects. This can lead to unsightly holes, cracks, or gaps, allowing moisture to seep in causing water damage. 

Accumulation of Debris 

Birds build nests from many materials, including twigs, leaves, and trash. Over time nests can grow to be quite large and clog roof drainage systems. This can cause water pooling, increasing the risk of leaks, potential water damage, and a weaker building structure. 

To keep your building safe and well-maintained it is important to remove and control birds from your property. Our experts at Wildlife X Team ® Fort Worth can handle all your bird removal and control needs! We offer wildlife control and removal services, animal damage repair services, wildlife exclusion and preventative services, and sanitation and waste removal services. Contact us today!