A common occurrence in urban and suburban areas alike, many species of birds are enjoyed by spectators going about their daily routine. Birds can add a lot of enjoyment to the outdoor experience, but sometimes they cause trouble. Birds like gulls, pigeons, and woodpeckers have reputations for being a nuisance, due to their behavior patterns. If birds are getting a little too comfortable on your property and causing a ruckus in an otherwise peaceful outdoor experience, call Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth at 817.857.4803 to learn more about Fort Worth's bird population and how to address each issue properly.

Bird Problems in Fort Worth

Pest birds like seagulls are known for swooping down into dumpsters and eating leftover food, and even sometimes stealing food from people as they are eating it. Some other common complaints regarding birds involve:

  • Loud noises/other raucous behavior
  • Erratic behavior
  • Frequent defecation, often accumulating on rooftops

Are Birds Really a Nuisance or Danger?

Birds are an important part of the environment, but when they are too close for comfort, do not approach them. Different bird types can be carriers of fatal diseases. There are some things untrained homeowners can do to discourage birds from coming near, but birds are best left alone until the professionals are involved who know how to properly handle them. Call Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth at 817.857.4803 today for bird removal services!

Bird Problems

It’s hard to imagine these small, winged creatures being a problem. As a business owner or resident, a bird doesn’t seem like a serious threat. After all, they seem innocent and unassuming enough—yet the truth is that bird damage costs the US tens of millions of dollars each year. Birds are known to be a serious threat to businesses all across the nation. They can cost you money, time, and customers. That can be hard to believe, but they pose a real threat to businesses. Here are just some of the problems they can cause.

They're Unsanitary

If you’ve walked through a city street, odds are that you’ve spotted large amounts of pigeon droppings on the sidewalk. It’s normal to feel revolted at the sight, as the droppings are filthy. Left unattended, birds will do something similar to your business—they will make it appear filthy by leaving their droppings outside. That may not seem that bad to you, but it can have a serious effect on how the customer perceives your business. It will tarnish your brand and could make your offices appear less-than-professional. This sort of negative reaction could cost you many customers, and it could make the difference between a successful business and a failed one.

They Spread DiseasesBird Control

Birds host a number of diseases and parasites, including salmonellahistoplasmosis and ticks. These diseases can infect you, your family, and your pets. Direct contact with the bird isn’t the only problem either, as birds will leave their infected droppings all over your home. This could find its way into your food, leading to food poisoning and even more serious illnesses. You could also stumble upon the droppings, and might get sick by just being near the infected waste. Either way, getting sick will make your life more difficult and stressful, so it’s best to stay clear of the birds.

These winged animals also host their fair share of parasites, like fleas and ticks. Just by being near your offices, birds can spread their diseases to you, your employees, and your customers. While many of these diseases aren’t fatal, they can still spell plenty of trouble, including decreased productivity due to sick staff.

They Damage Your Home

Birds are quite well-known for their droppings, but not as much when it comes to the damage to your home that they're responsible for. Some birds, like woodpeckers, could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs after they damage your walls. Other birds could destroy your home with their droppings, whose corrosiveness will slowly eat away at your roof.

Birds can also ruin your home by building nests, as unobtrusive as the act seems. Their nests can end up blocking drainage systems, and it could collapse your roof. They may also build their nests in your chimney, which could then burn down your house if the fireplace is used

They Ruin Your Things

Numerous air conditioning units have met their end thanks to these pests. They can peck it till it dies. They can leave their droppings to clog up the filters. They can even get their feathers stuck inside the machine. All in all, birds can give your air conditioning unit a quick death. These flying pests can also ruin your car. Who knows how many paint jobs they’ve ruined with their droppings. You’ll also have to spend more time cleaning your car because of their droppings.

How Can We Help?

We’re here to solve your bird problem, and to put an end to the damage they do. We’re dedicated to keeping your family, your home, and your things safe and secure. We’ll start our work by investigating your home. This will give us a good idea of where the birds live, where they get their food from, and what parts of your home they like to visit.

Once we’ve figured that out, we start the bird removal process. We occasionally use live traps to capture and relocate the birds. We will also use bird spikes, bird nets, and other repellents. These will make the birds leave on their own terms and will guarantee your home is safe and secure. We will also conduct bird nest removal in the area and will do our best to fix up your chimney and repair other damage.

Our job is to prevent any of this from happening again. We focus on handling all your wildlife problems so that you can focus on doing your important work. That’s why we’ll help you remove any birds bothering you. One of the first things we do is to assess the problem. This might involve learning the birds’ habits and habitats. It’ll give us a good indication of how to remove them and protect your business.

Once that’s done, we’ll set to work removing as many birds as possible. We start by trapping birds in live cages before relocating them. We also remove any holes the birds could use to get inside your building. We’ll even work on bird nest removal or relocation. With these gone, the birds will move on because your offices aren’t near their homes anymore.

Yet we aren’t satisfied with just removing the birds. We want to make sure you never have to deal with birds in the future. That’s why we dedicate part of our time to set up preventative measures. This involves setting up bird spikes, bird netting, and other repellents that will keep the birds out for good. If you happen to have a dead bird in your home, we will clean up and resolve that issue as well.

Call Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth

If you’re tired of birds getting in the way of your life and putting your family in danger, make sure to call us! We have years of experience, and we will use it to remove the birds as quickly as possible. Contact us today to get a quote of our services!

Our Commercial Bird Control Services

Running your business can be very difficult. There’s a lot that needs to be managed, there’s a lot of deadlines to meet, and there’s a lot of work needed to get customers. That’s why stability is essential for any business. Without stability, you can’t find the time to get all that work done. Even worse, your customers can’t rely on your consistent performance and will move on. That’s why we put our effort into ensuring that your business can perform at its best, without being derailed by bothersome animals like birds.


Call Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth

Call us if you’re tired of dealing with birds and are seeing your business suffer. We offer incredible services that are sure to fix all your problems. We have all the necessary equipment and expertise quick and effective bird removal. Once we’re done, you can go back to business as usual. So make sure to call us today to schedule our excellent services!


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