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Do you enjoy gardening, but hate having all your plants eaten? Installing a fence or screen could be the best way to protect your hard work for critters looking for an easy meal. Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth professionals have years of experience in handling fencing and screening areas to prevent damage from wildlife. You can rest assured that calling Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth will solve your problems. 817.857.4803

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How Snake Fencing Works and Why You Should Get It

Nobody likes snakes. They stare at you with their cold, dead eyes. They have a dangerous bite. They also have venom that can kill or disable you. That’s why it’s vital to keep snakes out of your home. As it will protect you, your family, and your pets. But you’re probably well aware of how difficult it is to keep a snake out. They’re small and can slither into any crevice. They’re adept diggers so they can go underground. They’re even good at climbing. So, what are you supposed to do? Get a snake fence!

What Are Snake Fences?

Snake fences are barriers specifically designed to keep out those cold-blooded reptiles. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from wooden to mesh wired fences. They keep out snakes by doing a number of things. The first is that they’re closely bound together, eliminating any tiny gaps the snake could use to get in. Even mesh wired fences are made with holes smaller than a quarter of an inch. As a result, snakes have a tough time getting into your home. Another thing good snake fences do is that they prevent snakes from climbing over them. Most are tilted slightly forward or are covered with a substance that prevents snakes from climbing up. Making your home even safer.

Finally, a good snake fence digs into the ground. This is an essential feature, as many snakes are good at digging through the dirt. By being placed a few feet underground, the fences prevent snakes from getting into your home.

How to Make Snake Fences More Effective?

While a snake fence does a lot to keep your home safe, it won’t do a very good job if you’re not vigilant in its maintenance. For starters, you’re going to want to make sure that it fully covers the perimeter of your home. That way, snakes can’t move a few feet to get into your home. Then you’re going to want to clear your surroundings of anything that might help snakes bypass your fence. This includes any burrows that lead into your home, or any trees these reptiles could climb to get over the fence.

Finally, you’re going to want to pay close attention to the fence. This ensures that you spot any holes quickly, and can fix them up before snakes find their way in.

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If you’re tired of snakes bothering you, make sure to call Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth. Not only will we remove the snake, but we’ll also help set up fences and other barriers to make your home snake-free. Contact us today!