Chimney Cap and Screening


Keeping Animals Out of the Chimney

Wildlife like raccoons, snakes, and birds love to enter your Fort Worth home through the chimney.

If your home doesn’t have the proper chimney cap on, the area raccoons will take advantage. It is common for raccoons to use your chimney as a safe place to have their babies. This presents not only a danger for your family and home, but it is a health hazard.

Chimney Cap installation in Fort Worth, TXSnakes and birds will also find their way in without the right chimney cap to keep things protected. In addition to damage from wildlife, your chimney may suffer damages from the elements. Rain, sleet, and other precipitation will fall into your chimney without the proper cap.

Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth offers a wide range of animal prevention products and services. After the removal of unwanted animals, we repair damage and implement state-of-the-art prevention techniques. Screening vents, installing chimney caps/screens, and closing entry holes are just some of the services Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth offers. Call Wildlife X Team® Fort Worth today to learn more about our chimney and screening process! 817.857.4803