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Animals Getting In Through Vents?

Roof vents are very important to help release hot air, odors, and moisture trapped in your roof. Although necessary, they provide easier access to your home to unwanted creatures. With a little effort raccoons, squirrels, birds, & more can get through these vents. By installing roof vent guards it makes it much more difficult for wildlife to get in where they're not supposed to. Avoid unnecessary animal damage by having Wildlife X Team® of Fort Worth install Roof Vent Guards. 

What animals will get in through roof vents?

Common wildlife that love to live in your Fort Worth attic if they get the chance are raccoons, rodents, birds, and bats


Raccoons have great dexterity in their paws--they act similarly to a human hand. This means they're able to rip at damaged roof vents or vents without covers. Raccoons are always looking for a cozy place to have their babies, and your Fort Worth attic could be just the spot!


Rodents can wiggle in through the smallest spaces. If there are any holes or cracks in your roof vents, they will find their way inside. Rodents reproduce quickly and will soil your attic resulting in additional repairs, so it's important to prevent them as much as possible. 


Birds will fly into your attic with the intent of finding a safe spot for their nest. If you have an opening in your roof vent, they may find their way inside and create a mess. 


Like birds, bats may find their way inside your Fort Worth home through a hole in your vent. They will nest together and make a mess with their droppings which causes a health hazard for those living inside. 

Our professional technicians have the tools, knowledge, and experience to successfully and securely install vent guards. Once on-site, we will do an assessment to make sure all entry points will be taken care of. Along with roof vents, basement vents are also considered. We want to make sure your home stays clean, secure, and safe from problem animals. Call our office and we'll help you with whatever you need! 817.857.4803

Vent Guard Installation in Fort Worth, TX