Arlington Wasp Nest Removal

Are you concerned with wasps multiplying in your house? Maybe you have been trying to eliminate them but have not succeeded. We understand the frustration that situation can bring and are here to assist.

Wildlife X Team has been dealing with wildlife removal services for 29 years and has built a solid reputation that we maintain. We are the go-to company for Arlington wasp nest removal, and protecting your property is our priority. We go above and beyond to eliminate any potential threat. 



  • Repellents – You can plant repellent plants around your flower garden or outdoor areas where you relax. Examples of deterrent plants include mint, basil, and marigold. Remember that wasp nest removal in Arlington TX before planting these plants is better.
  • Sealing Cracks and Openings – Wasps get into houses through cracks and other gaps. Ensure you block all crevices and the tiniest holes on porches, windows, doors, and walls. Splits on concrete floors or ground can harbor solitary wasps and should be sealed.
  • Removing Trash – Trash is one food source for wasps, a common reason they can nest around your house. Remove all food remnants from around the house and ensure you cover your trash cans. Keep other food sources like bird feeders away and pet food indoors.  



Sometimes the best preventive measures do not prohibit wasp infestation, necessitating wasp nest removal in Arlington TX. Having a dependable team on speed dial is the best way to eliminate your worries. Although many options are available, you can choose a suitable one by checking the following qualities.

  • License and insurance coverage
  • Training Level
  • Experience
  • Cost and availability of financing


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Our crew is always organized and will show up in uniform. We undergo regular refresher courses, including safety training, have been removing wildlife humanely for 29 years, are top-rated on reputable sites, and offer affordable rates. We understand that discovering wasps living in your attic can cause panic, and we strive to put your mind at ease conveniently and quickly. Our Arlington wasp nest removal process is unlike any other because we care about wildlife and homeowners.