Carrollton Pest Control Companies

Do you hear mice in your walls, or have you seen wasps building a next on your porch? Experienced Carrollton pest control companies know that pests and nuisance animals can be frustrating to get rid of. But with help from the Wildlife X Team, you will never see the intruder again because we use the best techniques to ensure they never come back!



We are highly trained professionals that are ready to tackle any pest, animal control or removal issue. Whether you have a big problem involving hundreds of mice or just have one pesky squirrel, professional pest control companies in Carrollton TX will be able to help you fix the problem quickly and humanely:

  • Zoologist/Biologist on Staff – Our team has the credentials that are required to provide you with insightful solutions. An expert will meet with you to discuss the expected efficacy and any environmental issues associated with the proposed removal, so you understand their impact.
  • Our Exclusive Wildlife Inspection Report – You will receive all the information you need to make an informed decision after our expert technicians do a thorough inspection. You will be told what your options are, and what each costs.
  • Financing Options – Depending on the severity of your situation, sometimes paying for services from Carrollton pest control companies can get expensive, especially if you have a recurring problem. We help you out by providing many different service plans along with 100 percent financing options.



Anyone who is being plagued by pests or noises coming from unwanted visitors like raccoons in the attic is welcome to call pest control companies in Carrollton TX and become our customer. We provide service for customers who need fast, permanent pest control results:

  • Residential Homeowners
  • Condo or Apartment Managers
  • Business Owners and Managers
  • Real Estate Agents



Our team members receive continuing education and have the most technologically advanced tools in use by Carrollton pest control companies today. We are committed to providing quality work and offer all our customers a one-year renewable lifetime warranty on all work we perform. Call the Wildlife X Team at 855-WILDLIFE.