Challenges in Animal Exclusion During the Summer

As summer arrives, so does the increased activity of wildlife. Animals seek food, water, and shelter, often venturing into human habitats in their quest for survival. For property owners, this can mean dealing with unwanted guests such as raccoons, squirrels, bats, and birds. Effective animal exclusion becomes crucial during this season, but it also presents several unique challenges. Wildlife X Team explores these challenges and offers insights into effective strategies for keeping your property wildlife-free.

Increased Wildlife Activity

Summer is a time of heightened activity for many animals. The warmer weather and longer days lead to increased breeding and foraging. This surge in activity can result in more frequent encounters with wildlife as animals look for safe places to raise their young or scavenge for food. Properties with accessible entry points, such as gaps in roofs, vents, or foundations, become prime targets.

raccoonThe challenge here is the sheer volume and persistence of wildlife. Animals are more determined to find shelter and food, making exclusion efforts more demanding. Regular inspections and immediate action are necessary to prevent animals from settling in. Once animals have established themselves, removing them can be more complicated and require professional intervention.  skunk

Breeding Season

Many animals breed during the spring and summer months. This breeding season means that exclusion efforts must consider not only adult animals but also their young. For instance, a mother raccoon might seek out a quiet attic to give birth, or birds might nest in chimneys and vents. Removing these animals without harming the young can be tricky and requires a humane and thoughtful approach.

Exclusion during the breeding season often involves additional steps to ensure that all animals, including the young, are safely removed and relocated if necessary. This might mean scheduling exclusions for times when young animals are old enough to survive on their own or using specialized techniques to avoid disrupting nests.

Heat and Shelter Seeking

The intense summer heat drives many animals to seek cooler, shaded areas for shelter. Homes and businesses provide attractive options, with cool basements, shaded attics, and other protected areas. This behavior increases the likelihood of animals entering buildings and staying hidden until they become a problem.

One of the primary challenges in summer exclusion is identifying and sealing all potential entry points. Animals can be incredibly resourceful, finding ways to enter through the smallest of gaps. Thorough inspections and sealing techniques are crucial to prevent access. Additionally, addressing any existing infestations quickly is vital to avoid further complications.

Health Risks

With the increase in wildlife activity comes a rise in health risks. Animals can carry diseases, parasites, and other health hazards that pose a threat to humans. In the summer, the likelihood of encountering these risks increases as animals come into closer contact with human environments.

Exclusion efforts must prioritize safety, both for the individuals conducting the exclusion and for the property occupants. Using proper protective equipment, employing safe removal techniques, and sanitizing affected areas are essential steps in minimizing health risks. Professionals are often better equipped to handle these tasks safely and effectively.

Chimney GuardsDIY vs. Professional Exclusion

Many property owners attempt DIY exclusion methods during the summer, believing it to be a cost-effective solution. While DIY efforts can be successful for minor issues, they often fall short when dealing with more persistent or larger-scale problems. Without the proper knowledge and tools, property owners might inadvertently cause more harm than good.

Professional exclusion services, such as those offered by Wildlife X Team, provide comprehensive solutions that address the root causes of wildlife intrusions. Professionals conduct thorough inspections, use humane removal methods, and implement effective exclusion techniques to prevent future issues. Their expertise ensures that all animals are safely and humanely handled and that properties are adequately protected.

Why Choose Wildlife X Team?

At Wildlife X Team, we understand the unique challenges of animal exclusion during the summer. Our team of trained professionals is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to handle any wildlife issue.
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Summer presents numerous challenges for animal exclusion, from increased wildlife activity and breeding seasons to the quest for shelter from the heat. Addressing these challenges requires a combination of timely action, thorough inspections, and humane exclusion methods. While DIY efforts can sometimes suffice, professional services like those offered by Wildlife X Team provide comprehensive and effective solutions to keep your property wildlife-free.

For reliable, expert animal exclusion services, contact Wildlife X Team today and let us help you maintain a safe and wildlife-free environment this summer.