Frisco Pest Control Companies

Homeowners and businesses rely on us for the removal of all different kinds of nuisance wildlife and other pests. If you have a raccoon in the attic or a possum has started calling your home theirs, you need Frisco pest control companies that will eliminate the problem humanely and permanently.



Wildlife X Team has decades of experience and has been a Hudson Service Company since 1994. When you are looking for knowledgeable pest control companies in Frisco TX that can help with a difficult or recurring problem, contact us. We have wildlife experts on staff and provide you with:

  • A Free Exclusive Wildlife Inspection Report – A certified technician will help you figure out what type of pest you are dealing with and how they gained access to your property. We will also examine how long they have been there and how much damage has been done, if any.
  • A Professional Assessment – After we carefully consider your situation, we will devise a plan that includes the best pest control methods currently available from Frisco pest control companies to best manage the infestation. We will not start work until we are sure that you approve of each step.
  • Pest Control Strategy Implementation – Your treatment could include mechanical, environmental, biological, or chemical methods. We will discuss the environmental impact, expected efficacy of the treatment, and costs so you know exactly what to expect.



We get it. Nuisance animal removal and having pest control companies in Frisco TX keep pests under control is critical to protecting your health as well as protecting the investment you have made in your property. That is why we offer:

  • A One-Year Renewable Lifetime Warranty
  • The Best In-House Service Department Anywhere
  • Full Financing



We are a family-oriented company that really cares about the communities we serve. Wildlife X Team has been the recipient of numerous Angi and HomeAdvisor Awards over the years, so you know we are among the most trustworthy Frisco pest control companies out there. Get started with us by calling 855-WILDLIFE today.