Plano Pest Control Companies

Pests, rodents, and nuisance animals can wreak havoc for residential home and business owners. Pests may carry disease and wires frayed from animals chewing on them can spark fires. When you need Plano pest control companies in a hurry, our team comes to the rescue.



Permanent, effective pest and wildlife control for both our urban and suburban customers includes sanitation, exclusion, then finally removal in and around structures. Give the problem over to pest control companies in Plano TX like Wildlife Team X that have the expertise to deal with any kind of pest:

  • Help, There is a Racoon in the Attic! –  Oftentimes, small animals like raccoons decide to move in your attic when it is cold in the winter and come spring, property owners need help getting rid of them. Squirrels, mice, rats, and bats may also be found in your attic space.
  • When Bees and Wasps Become a Threat – Insects can make it hard for you to enjoy time outdoors. Bees and wasps need to be eliminated, but what Plano pest control companies often find is that they keep coming back to build more nests. That is why our customers love our one-year renewable lifetime warranty that keeps bees and wasps out for good.
  • Are There Snakes in Your Yard? – Fortunately, we have a Zoologist on our staff! No unwanted pest you encounter is a match for our technology. We have proven methods to deal with all different kinds of pests. 



Our inspections are complimentary and when we are done with yours, we will review everything with you. You will learn about working with pest control companies in Plano TX as well as:

  • The Type of Pest We Found
  • What Type of Removal Method Would Work Best
  • How Much It Will Cost
  • Financing Methods that are Available to You


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We have a long track record of excellent customer service and great online reviews to back it up! When you need Plano pest control companies that know what they are doing, call Wildlife Team X at 855-WILDLIFE to discuss your situation with a wildlife expert.